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The following will be read prior to each game:

  The SNEYFC and the ___________ League expects all players, cheerleaders, coaches and fans to exemplify good sportsmanship at all times. We encourage positive cheering for your team or any good play.  Negative, demeaning or derogatory display of unsportsmanlike conduct of players, cheerleaders or officials will not be tolerated. Violators of this policy will be asked to leave and could be banned from any future SNEYFC function. Please be positive role models for our children and cheer positively.

Legal vs Illegal Contact

All Head Football Coaches at the Pee Wee, Micro, Junior and Senior levels will be required to watch the video at the link included and will be required to sign a statement that they viewed the video and shared the information with their assistant coaches. This sign-off will be provided to each town's SNEYFC representative and will be turned in at the official weigh-in on August 26th.


To promote the importance of sports in the SNEYFC. To pledge our cooperation with others  in the field of education and sports and to administer a program that will always stress the best interest of the youth who participate in the Conference activities.

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    For those who are sending emails to the SNEYFC through the link on the website, if you decide to contact us anonymously with an anonymous email address, you will not receive a reply back since the system doesn't not reply to anonymous email addresses such as If you are expecting a return email regarding your question, you need to provide a valid email address when completing the form.


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